Using a gas grill and propane tank in Japan that was purchased in a foreign country.

You might be able to use the gas grill in Japan. Here are some tips but this is not all inclusive because every gas grill maker is different and countries have different standards on propane regulator connection fittings, output pressure and flow. 

Check with the manufacturer of the grill to see if the propane gas pressure of the burner was designed to be suitable for the gas pressure produced by a Japanese propane gas regulator. If it’s not suitable, you will need to replace the burner. You’ll also need to replace the hose and regulator to bring your grill up to code in Japan. We sell the propane gas hose and regulator if you require them. If you'd like some specific advice on your situation, please contact us and we will try to help. If you're gone all  the way to bring your gas grill to Japan with you, let's figure out how to get it working!

Also a note about the propane tanks. You can only refill propane tanks that are purchased in Japan. We sell propane tanks if you need one.